The amazing Miss Bertie: burlesque temptress, rock'n'roll Valkyrie, comedy star and contemporary pinup Muse!

Bertie Page is a powerhouse of creative energy, a supernova on the Australian arts scene, a Pandora’s box of interdisciplinary innovation. She lurks in the glittering shadows between cabaret, burlesque and glam rock, and she is in a class of her own.

With a rich velvety voice she serves up rock, jazz and opera with an intense heat and conviction which has stunned and surprised audiences around the globe. She frequently tours throughout Australia and has performed in Germany, Holland, France, England, Scotland and New Guinea and is about to jet off for Japan. Bertie’s singular sense of humour is infectious, she transcends language barriers with her unique comedic gifts, her wit is sharp, and her intelligence shines through her biting banter.

She fronts the delightfully naughty rock band "Bertie Page Clinic" a wicked union of retrograde rockers. Since its release on Turkeyneck Records in 2010 their debut album “Rock and Roll in a G-String” has won them fans and critical praise in Australia and Europe. Bertie Page Clinic toured the Continent in 2011 and finished up their journey with their own production at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (where they were thrown out of their venue, deemed by the management to be too loud and obscene.)

Bertie’s wardrobe is jaw dropping, she designs and constructs her own costume pieces and her collection is constantly stocked with exclusive designs created for her by Sydney fashion house Gallery Serpentine. Bertie Page accessories (hats and pasties) are available in their Enmore store.

Bertie has a theatre degree behind her, she is an academic strumpet continuing her extensive studies on feminism and corsetry, and she is currently preparing her next project “Serpentine: Fetish, Disease, Victoriana.”

Career Highlights

Europe/UK Tour 2010 and 2011
Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2010 and 2011
Brisbane Festival 2011 (invited performer)
The Gathering Festival, Brisbane 2011
Rites of Passage Festival, Melbourne 2010
Ragtag Revue member
Burlesque instructor at Scoundrelles